Friday, 25 June 2010 - "Shapps: HCA to escape axe"

A worried man? HCA chief executive Sir Bob Kerslake.

The following excerpts from Jamie Carpenter's, article for, 25 June 2010, give more details about Grant Shapp's plans to streamline the HCA, and place it under local authority. 

Shapps said that the HCA will be "much leaner" and that he saw the agency’s future as an "enabling and investment body".
Shapps told delegates: "I can confirm that the HCA will stay. But I think it needs to operate in a genuinely local way – at the invitation of local people who want to improve their communities."
He added: "It will be smaller, more strategic – with the HCA’s functions being delivered under local leadership. It will be much leaner."
Shapp's announcement clearly shows that the HCA is in for a drastic upheaval,  supporting my earlier article, about the mounting issues awaiting the coalition's Big Society approach to planning and home building. 

(Jamie Carpenters full article can be found here.)

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